Friday, April 11, 2014

Oh dear

Okay, so here I am again trying to do the blog thing.

Seriously, I have topics in my head ALL THE TIME that I imagine blogging about, but I never do.  Why?  Time is most likely the biggest factor.  As a homeschooling mother of four, it's impossible to sit with my laptop on my lap and type away without any distractions, but that's a good thing.  I love my kids and am grateful for their reminders of how blessed I am to be their mother.  I guess I can always blog at night, but that is special time for me and the hubby.

Here it is, 11:48 pm and I'm up blogging while everyone is asleep.  I don't think I'll make this a habit.  But I'd really like to blog about all the things that go on in my life.  Okay maybe not ALL the things, but some of them.  Like the funny things that happen with my kids.

In fact, this last Sunday, Joseph was chewing gum.  I saw him playing with it and reminded him to keep it in his mouth.  No less than a minute later, he is screaming and I see him rubbing his eyes.  He had blown a bubble and when it popped, most of the gum flew up, hit his eye and got stuck in those gorgeous long eyelashes of his.  I kind of chuckled because I knew that it wasn't as horrible as he thought, and there was a tiny voice inside my head that said, "Don't forget to take a picture." But my sweet little boy was panicking so I opted to rescue his eye instead.  I also didn't want him thinking, "Really mom? My eye is glued shut with gum and all you think about is taking a picture?"

When I was five years old, it was almost Halloween and I was planning on being a witch.  My mother braided my hair a couple days before and then the morning of Halloween she undid my braids and I had crazy frizzy witch hair.  That night had been fun, I trick or treated with my cousins then we went back to my grandmother's home to play.  I remember chewing on some gum while playing and it somehow flew out of my mouth and into my hair.  It was a mess.  I thought my mother would have to cut my hair, but she used peanut butter to get it out.

So that's what I did to my gummy bear.  He freaked when he saw me getting a butter knife to scoop up a small amount of peanut butter.  I calmed him with a prayer and then proceeded to get the gum out.  After a couple of minutes, his eye was clean and he could open it and was his happy self again.  He gave me a hug, and said, "Thank you mommy."

After a few minutes he came to me and said, "I almost died."  Oh the life of a five year old and the way they perceive things. My poor little guy.

Okay, I'm tired

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