Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Birthday Boy

Today was hubby's birthday.  I love him and I wish he could've enjoyed it more.  I wish it could've been more special for him, just as special as he is.

It was just another ordinary day for him, busy with work.  But for me and our children, it's a special day because it's the day a very special person was born.  Someone whom we love and enjoy being with, someone who makes us laugh until we cry (or pee).  Someone who knows what to say at the right time.  Someone who cares enough to make sure we are always happy and smiling.  Someone who makes sure we know just how much we are loved and how much we mean to him.  Someone who takes us on the most fun adventures. Someone who sacrifices his time and energy for us, as well as others.  Someone who sets a good example of service and dedication.

I am grateful to have him as my eternal companion, he is an amazing man with a heart of gold.

I love you Michael, our lives are better because you're in it 

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