Monday, July 8, 2013

Starting over

Ok so here I am again trying to blog.  It's been over two years, oh dear where do I begin?

First off, I know why I don't blog, I don't have a patience to sit and type, especially right now as I'm typing from my iPad mini screen. I need a keyboard. I have a Bluetooth keyboard at home, but I'm in Salt Lake City right now so that isn't much help.

But the biggest reason I don't blog much is because I want to protect my family.  I love my children very much and do not want their photos floating around the Internet. Yes we have some on Facebook but hubbers and I have our profiles private. There are a lot of creepy people out there who create fake accounts using other people's photos, like this case

I miss life being simple; Life before smart phones, iPads, and Internet. When there wasn't a pull tugging people away from REAL LIFE.  When people, young and old, weren't addicted to their devices.  Yes, I will admit that sometimes I myself get trapped in that pull.  I don't want my miracle children to think that disappearing in technology is normal, because its not.

A friend posted this on facebook the other day and it was one more reminder of how easily we can forget the real world around us and become addicted to our "deVICEs".  I paid attention to people around me in public and noticed a lot of them were zoned into their vices and were ignoring their kids as they were climbing on handrails, or a couple out for dinner both in their own worlds.  Once again, I must confess that I am guilty of this as well.  But now that I am more aware of it, I make an effort not to pull out my vice so much.  I admit that I still feel that pull once in a while, but the more I don't look at it, the more I realize how much I don't need it.

Before I move on from this topic, I will share one more thing I read the other day.  It was an article that talks about teens being so addicted to their vices that some parts of the brain are not developing properly.  That's scary, doctors have labeled it "digital dementia".

So all the above I wrote while we were still in Salt Lake City.  Now we are back home.  Prince Charming and I had the pleasure of having the company of another wonderful couple with us who aren't members of the church, they kept commenting on how peaceful and clean Utah was.  It was true, it was so peaceful and quiet and clean.  Definitely not like L.A.  I would love to live in Utah, but we are stuck here for now.

This was our view from the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building where we had a delicious dinner at a restaurant called The Garden

In the Joseph Smith Building, there is a film about the life of Joseph Smith and how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 

I am so grateful for all that he did, all that he sacrificed.  I'm so grateful that he stood for what was right and that he never gave up or denied what he knew to be true.  It would've been so easy for him to say that what he saw, never happened so that he and his family could live in peace instead of constant persecution.

To learn more about the sacrifices I'm writing about, just watch this film