Friday, October 2, 2009

Scary shoes

Now that we are upon the Halloween season, Samwise and Frodo are fully aware of all that is scary. If we are out and about in a store and walk by the Halloween display, they point and say, "Scary." then run off to get the scary display out of view.

Frodo is not a huge fan of anything scary. Looking at halloween costumes was a difficult thing for him, so we definitely avoid any scary party stores.

Since it seems like everywhere we go there is a "scary" display, Frodo anticipates it when we are out and about.

Yesterday we went to the shoe store to get some new shoes for the twins, since all they've been wearing are sandals and the weather is getting cooler. When we walked into the store, Frodo grabbed my hand and came in close and said, "Oh scary." I told him that we were at a shoe store and that there were not scary things in there. He then let's go of my hand and says, "Oh okay", then waves at the shoes and says, "Hi shoes".

So cute, I had to share.