Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thing 2's Owie



Last Thursday Thing 2 got his first real war wound. Charming had been out of town since Monday so the boys were not happy, (he had been out of town off and on for the past four weeks). The boys have a hard time while daddy is away, but it was getting worse because Charming was gone for a while and it was getting very old for the boys. Charming was to return home that night, Thursday night.

I was downstairs and Thing 1 and Thing 2 were playing upstairs as they always do, when I heard a thump, then Thing 2 screaming and then a few seconds later Thing 1 was crying. I ran upstairs and saw blood from the outer corner Thing 2's left eye and Thing 1 was definitely concerned for his brother. I ran and got tissue and started to apply preassure and I could clearly see that Thing 2 would need stitches.

I always knew that day would come but had always imagined that Thing 1 would be the first to get stitches because he is our dare devil and he is clumsy. I always thought Charming would be the one to take the wounded to urgent care to get fixed, but I was wrong on both of those assumptions.

I ran into our office and pulled one of the ladies to help me with the boys. She was so calm when she took a look at Thing 2, all I could think was, "Why aren't you in shock that my baby is bleeding from his face and clearly needs stitches?" She has gone through her share of stitches with her kids, and I was definitely grateful for her being calm. We called the Fast girls down the street and Marci came by to help and Cambria came with me to take Thing 2 to urgent care. She brought a little bear to distract him. She was a HUGE help.

Thing 2 was very good. He was calmed before we left the house. I put a Scooby Doo band aid on his owie. Once we arrived to the U.C., he was still fairly happy. The only times he got upset was when the nurses cleaned the wound and when he had to get the stitches done.

Dr. Bigwood did the stitches, he's in our ward. He did great. I'd have to say, it was more for me than Thing 2. Needless to say, I felt horrible for the whole situation and seeing my baby hurt, but seeing a familiar face definitely made the difference.

Thing 2 was a trooper during the procedure, it took three stitches to take care of the wound. Yeah, he screamed and cried for his daddy, but what 2 year old wouldn't? As the Dr. walked out Thing 2 said, "Thank you." it was so cute.

Thing 2 had the stitches removed yesterday, it was a bit scary for him being in the same room and seeing the same nurse that assisted with the procedure but he did great.

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