Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kids say the funniest things

This week Tommy said:

*When I called him Thomas, he responded with, "I not a choo-choo"

*When I was changing his poopy but and Joseph came crawling toward us, "No baby, no eat my poop." Joseph wasn't anywhere near his gross diaper.

*He now has an appetite for eating people. He walks up to daddy and says, "I eat you daddy." and playfully nibbles on Michael's arm.

*He grabs a hold of me and says, "I got you mama." Then pulls me and says, "This way".

Tommy's speach has improved so much, I'm so proud of him

This week Trenton said:

*"Ow my nuts", when he was laying underneath Joseph's jumper and Joseph jumped on his groin area.

*After bath time tonight, "No more stinkies."

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