Thursday, September 17, 2009

Guardian Angels

So as you can see from my previous post, Trenton came very close to losing his eye. I realized that I didn't explain what happened. We have sharp edges on our wooden banister, Trenton fell and bumped his head on the sharp pointy edge of the banister.

When I first saw his cut, the first thought that came to my mind was, "Wow, that was a close call with his eye."

We've had a few close calls with our boys. Trust me, we watch our boys and I'm probably the most paranoid mother you'll find out there, but as they say, "Boys will be boys".

I can't help but feel that someone is always watching them when I'm not always able to. A few months ago, we got the boys their big boy beds that are race cars. They absolutely love them. Michael was using a box cutter for the assembly of these beds and put the cutter away. Somehow Tommy got a hold of it (Tommy is able to get a hold of anything that we think is well hidden) and was cutting up his newly assembled bed, while daddy was in Trenton's room putting his bed together, I was down stairs bonding with the dishwasher, as always. I heard a strange noise coming from upstairs but didn't think much because Michael was up there. Then I heard Michael gasp, and then Tommy started to cry. I walked up stairs to find Tommy clearly upset because daddy got mad at him, but he had no cuts or any sort of injuries. The noise I heard was Tommy cutting up his bed, Michael walking in on him to find out what was causing the noise (he had done this twice, the first time Tommy stopped what he was doing, hid the knife behind his back and gave daddy that I'm-being-mischeivous-smile) and gasping at what he saw. Tommy knew he was in trouble.

Tommy was playing with a box cutter and DID NOT get hurt at all. Michael and I were both shocked at the miracle that took place. Let me remind you that Tommy is our clumsy one, so for him to come clean of any harm is definitely a miracle.

There have been other situations that could have been worse when it comes to our boys getting hurt. Trenton's eye and Tommy playing with the box cutter are the two that I can clearly remember.

I know someone is keeping a close eye on our boys, letting them be boys and allowing them to get bumps and bruises and scraped knees, but they have been protected from what could've been some very horrible accidents. I'd like to think that somewhere close by, my mom is watching over us and making sure we are all kept safe.

I've always given thanks to Heavenly Father after each incident that could've been horrible. I thank him for protecting my boys and keeping them safe.

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  1. isnt it a wonderful feeling when you know that your children are being looked out for and protected. im sorry he had to get stitches, but it makes you grateful for what could have been.