Wednesday, August 26, 2009

They make me laugh

My boys are so funny. Today we went to go pick up new humidifiers for them (I'm hoping this will help Tommy get back to sleeping through the night) and the guy in Walgreens had to climb a wobbly ladder to get the things down and Tommy kept saying, "Thank you man.", so cute because he didn't know the gentleman's name.j

Trenton said the same thing when the bug guy came today to spray the outside of the house. Trenton asked what he was doing and I told him that the man was spraying bug spray to kill the spiders so he could play outside and Trenton said, "Oh. Thank you man."

Yesterday Trenton's request for breakfast was, "I want cereal, tiger, rawr." His way of asking for Frosted Flakes.

Joseph is crawling all over the place and that isn't satisfying for him, he's trying to get moving quicker and is trying to walk.

Tommy has had a hard time sleeping through the night for the past two to three weeks. He's come in our bed a few times and other's he asks to go outside and play at 5:00am or wants to watch TV at 4am. But the times he's come into our bed, I can tell his little nose is stuffy and he has a hard time breathing and switches from his nose to his mouth, I bet that's what's making it difficult for him. so today I bought a new humidifier because the other one was gross and and crappy and gave him some claritin, so I'm hoping that helps. Oh and I also washed the bedsheets too. We'll see.

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