Wednesday, August 26, 2009

They make me laugh

My boys are so funny. Today we went to go pick up new humidifiers for them (I'm hoping this will help Tommy get back to sleeping through the night) and the guy in Walgreens had to climb a wobbly ladder to get the things down and Tommy kept saying, "Thank you man.", so cute because he didn't know the gentleman's name.j

Trenton said the same thing when the bug guy came today to spray the outside of the house. Trenton asked what he was doing and I told him that the man was spraying bug spray to kill the spiders so he could play outside and Trenton said, "Oh. Thank you man."

Yesterday Trenton's request for breakfast was, "I want cereal, tiger, rawr." His way of asking for Frosted Flakes.

Joseph is crawling all over the place and that isn't satisfying for him, he's trying to get moving quicker and is trying to walk.

Tommy has had a hard time sleeping through the night for the past two to three weeks. He's come in our bed a few times and other's he asks to go outside and play at 5:00am or wants to watch TV at 4am. But the times he's come into our bed, I can tell his little nose is stuffy and he has a hard time breathing and switches from his nose to his mouth, I bet that's what's making it difficult for him. so today I bought a new humidifier because the other one was gross and and crappy and gave him some claritin, so I'm hoping that helps. Oh and I also washed the bedsheets too. We'll see.

Friday, August 21, 2009

What's new with us

The boys are definitely getting bigger. I look at Tommy and Trenton and they are big boys, not babies anymore. Of course I still call them my babies. It's great having conversations with them now, the things they do and say are so cute.

Tommy has been wanting to fly these past few weeks. They watched Peter Pan with the babysitter and has been wanting fly ever since then. I told him he can pretend to fly and when he grows up he can fly airplanes. He looks at me disappointed and says, "Aw" when I tell him that he can't physically fly. He has a toy plane and makes it fly constantly, and loves it. He says, "Look, mama, it fly." He is so cute. He is also asking me for everything, he wanted a monkey today. I told him we can't have a monkey, I should go buy a stuffed monkey for him. He also wants some sort of Thomas the train station thingy. I bought the boys a Thomas oval train set and it came with a "Yearbook" of different tracks and trains and he points to a certain train track and says, "I want it. I want it." I told him we'll have to ask Santa Claus. I think they might really get the Santa concept this year.

Tommy also likes to step on the step to our fireplace and put on a "show". He'll get up there and dance and sing and then step down and say, "Your turn." It's definitely adorable.

Tommy loves to sit and take things apart and put them back together, he's got the patience for that.

Both of the boys have been playing more imaginative play as well. They play doctor and tell us that we are sick. They have a doctor kit and use the stethoscope to listen to our hearts. They also play outside and one will come in and open the shutters to one of the windows on the inside and they play drive through LOL, it's funny to see them ask eachother for food.

They have recently become obsessed with Thomas the Train, so we have some books and a few trains. Luckily, Time Warner Cable has a few shows on demand that are free so Trenton will ask to watch "train tracks" and then we'll watch Thomas.

Trenton loves playing with Joseph, he is so good at keeping him busy and making him laugh so I can get things done. Trenton and Joey have a special relationship. Trenton will keep Joey occupied and Tommy will help me cook.

Trenton is outgoing but not as comfortable with putting on "shows" like Tommy does. But he loves to "read" books and do a lot of imaginative play. They both love to color and paint. Trenton has a sweet tooth, he's always asking for cake and cookies like we have an endless supply. He also has a memory like an elephant so if you promise him something, he'll make sure you keep your word. Trenton is always asking about things and what they do.

I can't believe TnT are now 2 and a half years old. Time really flies. I'm going to start potty training in the fall, wish me luck with that one.

Now on to Joseph. He just started crawling yesterday, August 20, but I don't think he really gets what he's doing. It's like he doesn't realize that it's him that is taking him to certain place to get certain toys. Joseph is such a happy baby. He loves to laugh and giggle, and he's super ticklish. He's not too crazy about baby food, he'd rather pick up food and put it in his mouth, so I give him a lot of baby finger foods. He also likes canned peas and has been know to steal french fries from his brothers plates at times.

As for Michael and I, we are good. Michael has been busy slaying dragons for us here at home. He's been super busy this past week. I'm grateful for all of his hard work. I miss him, he's been gone since Sunday night, he'll be home tonight.