Sunday, June 7, 2009

Catching up

It's been so long since I've posted. I'm so horrible at these things.

Life has been super busy, but good.

Joseph is now eight months old. He is sitting up on his own, and now has two bottom teeth, and the top two are just about ready to come in. He loves watching his big brothers play and cannot be left alone in a room because he feels left out, he'll cry until someone comes to get him, he loves being in the company of his brothers, even if he's sitting in his bumbo chair just watching them play. He's also rolling over. He's getting big as well, that's not surprise, I wish kids didn't have to grow so fast.

Tommy and Trenton are growing super fast as well. They typically get along very well, but Michael has been gone off and on for the past three weeks and it's taken it's toll on them. They love their daddy so much and often ask for him randomly through out the day, when Michael comes home from work they are so excited. He'll play with them and wrestle with them and they just love it.

Summer has been good so far, I'm enjoying it much more not being pregnant. Last summer was the worst. I remember being so hot all the time and felt as though I could never cool off.

I'll post more often