Saturday, February 7, 2009

My funny boys

Well, this past week Joseph turned 3 months, time sure does fly. Next week Trenton and Tommy will be turning 2 years old. I can't believe my babies are big boys. Tomorrow we are having a pirate themed party with my family after church and on Thursday, the day of their birthday we'll have another one with Michael's family.

The boys are so funny. It takes me 10 minutes to change Joseph's diaper because he's such a big flirt. I can't help but get hypnotized by his smile and play with him and make him laugh. Tommy is quite the adventurer, he climbs on everything even the counters without a cell of fear in his body, thankfully Trenton is the complete opposite, he is cautious and hates to get hurt and will do all he can do avoid it. Tommy is a bit clumsy and falls all the time so he's used to getting hurt.

It's been raining and cold. I need some hot chocolate.

The other day, Trenton was running around in his diaper (the boys love to strip) and he paused and said, "Fart" and then pushed out a fart. It was kinda funny. He's definitely a boy.